Strengthen Your Sperm Before Pregnancy



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Sperm contribute to 50% of conception, and influence  pregnancy and your baby.

The health of your sperm matters, whether you are preparing for pregnancy, currently trying to conceive, or going through IUI or IVF.

The strength of your sperm can impact whether you are able to conceive, hold a pregnancy, and it greatly influences the health of a pregnancy and your future child.

What you will learn...

What Damages Sperm

Including dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Learn what to do instead to strengthen and improve your swimmers.

Natural + Integrative Medicine for Sperm

Including specific nutrients, botanical medicine, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and lifestyle medicine. 


Sample Sperm Strengthening Protocol

Including specific recommendations and Dr. Leah's favorite supplements for improving sperm health.

I'm Ready to Dive In

The health and strength of your sperm play a huge role in getting pregnant, miscarriages, and the health of your baby into their adult life!


This applies if you are trying to conceive naturally, or going through IUI or IVF.

Many fertility doctors say the health of your sperm aren't important, especially if you are going through assisted reproduction, but that is not true.

Learn why and what you should and shouldn't be doing to strengthen your sperm before you conceive. 

Changes that you make won't impact your sperm for 74-90 days, so start as soon as you possibly can!


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