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Educating, inspiring, and guiding women along their evolving seasons of womanhood, toward hormonal balance and optimal health.

Balance Your Hormones

Optimize your energy, regulate your monthly hormones, reduce your period pain, and increase your hormonal vitality.

Break Up With Birth Control

Take back your monthly hormonal cycle, prevent unwanted symptoms, and feel empowered to prevent pregnancy naturally.

Decode Your Sexual Desire

Decode your unique sexual desire, reclaim your sensuality, invite in intimacy and passion, and supercharge your sexuality.

Conceive and Become a Mama

Detox, nourish, and replenish your body & mind, optimize at a cellular level, & prepare your heart and home for conception and pregnancy.

Want to naturally balance your hormonal cycle and take charge of your fertility?

Dr. Leah Gordon is a women's health naturopathic doctor and an expert in root-cause medicine. She is dedicated to uncovering the sources of hormonal, gut, and sex drive imbalances. She is passionate about empowering motivated women to create a thriving and healthful life so they may bring their beautiful gifts into this world.

She especially loves supporting women prior to pregnancy so that they are optimal and their future babies, families, and communities benefit from their health and lifestyle practices.

Moon Medicine

Master Your Hormonal Cycle and Take Back Your Fertility


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