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Moon Medicine

The first step toward naturally balancing your hormonal cycle

and taking back your fertility.

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A 4-week, doctor-designed, natural hormone balancing program where you...

Understand Your Hormones

Connect intimately and feel empowered about the hormonal changes that happen during each monthly cycle that control your periods, moods, fertility, & sexuality.

Take Charge of Your Fertility

Master the Fertility Awareness Method so you can track your hormones, optimize your sex life, prevent pregnancy naturally, or conceive easily when the time is right.

Live the Lunar Rhythm Lifestyle

Sync your work and life schedule, exercise routine, mood support, & nutrition and herbal medicine, to the 4 distinct hormonal changes each cycle.

Discover the magic of your menstrual cycle.

Moon Medicine


  • Full Moon Medicine Digital Program
  • 4 weeks of meals and recipes
  • Access for the life of the program
  • Access to my cycle hormone balancing herbal protocol and products
  • Access to my hormone balancing and fertility supplement protocols
  • Bonus Gift: The Cooking Code cooking course




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Transform your relationship with yourself. 

Eat whole foods that follow the ebb and flow of your shifting hormones throughout your cycle

  • 4-week meal plan with weekly shopping guides and over 140 recipes
  • Focus on hormone-friendly whole-foods
  • Avoid food triggers to support gut health and energy
  • Reduce inflammation to lessen period pain and optimize your mood
  • Fully nourish your body to rebalance your hormones naturally

Sadie A.

"Understanding how my cycle works and knowing how to live in harmony with it has completely changed my life. I now have more energy, my periods are regular and less painful, and I can prevent pregnancy naturally without birth control. It's amazing!"

Prevent pregnancy naturally or conceive easily


Master your monthly hormones and cycle clues so you can take back your fertility! 


  • Come to understand your monthly hormonal cycle from the guidance of a women's health doctor.
  • Prevent pregnancy naturally without birth control.
  • Learn your fertile window so you can conceive easily when the time is right!
  • Explore your female anatomy so you feel empowered about the Lady Parts that rule your Womanhood experiences.

Honor your body and her natural rhythms so you feel optimized, vibrant, and hormonally balanced every month.

Balance your hormones


Using herbs and key nutrients


  • Are you experiencing irregular cycles, painful or sore breasts, PMS, fatigue, overwhelm, hot flashes, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, or heavy or light periods?
  • Gain access to my hormone balancing protocol to bring harmony back into your cycle no matter what your hormonal imbalance.
  • Receive 10% off all of my recommended herbal and nutritional products!


Do you want to take the first step toward balancing your cycle hormones, period, energy, and mood?


Do you want to take back your fertility, whether you desire a baby someday, soon, or never?


Yes, Please!

Moon Medicine is


Hormone Education
Natural Birth Control Training
A Dietary Reset
Herbal & Lifestyle Medicine
Womanhood Wisdom
All tied together in one pretty 4-week package

Sara L.

Moon Medicine taught me that it is ok for me to skip Orange Theory on my period, my hormones aren't designed for me to push myself all month long. Taking a break is ok and necessary. I now know why I feel the way I feel throughout the month and it has allowed me to love myself more.

My hormones feel more balanced than they ever have and I am finally at peace with my body.

The Moon Medicine Program Includes: 


  • 20 key lessons

    • With womanhood wisdom videos over 5, easy to understand phases 


  • Downloadable PDF action steps

    • After each phase including my Modern Guide to a Red Tent Ceremony


  • A step by step guide on the Lunar Rhythm Lifestyle™

    • Emotional guidance
    • Exercise routines
    • Schedule recommendations
    • Dietary focuses
    • Other lifestyle recommendations


  • My Herbal Medicine and Seed Protocol

    • What herbs to take when and for what purpose during the cycle

    • Which seeds to eat when to help rebalance your hormones naturally 


  • Moon Medicine Supplement Guide

    • With direct guidance on how to take my favorite herbal and nutritional products for overall hormonal balance and optimal fertility 
    • Access to all products for 10% off


  • 4-Week, Whole-Food-Based Meal Plan

    • With weekly meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
    • Weekly shopping guides to match the meal plans to take with you to the store or use to easily shop for groceries online


  • 4 Weekly Moon Medicine Recipe Books

    • Each recipe book matches each week's meal plan with recipes that show up in the order of appearance for ease and simplicity
    • All recipes free of gluten, dairy, corn, and minimal soy or processed sugar


  • Womanhood Wellness Recipe Book 

    • With over 140 whole-food recipes
    • All recipes free of gluten, dairy, corn, and minimal soy or processed sugar

Lauren G.

"I wish I had known this invaluable information sooner! I'm so grateful I found you. This program changed my life."

Unlock the Womanhood Wisdom of Moon Medicine


“Women honor their sacred path when they acknowledge the intuitive knowing inherent in their receptive nature. In trusting the cycles of their bodies and allowing the feelings to emerge within them, women have been Seers and Oracles for their tribes for centuries.”
- Jamie Sams

"Why are we not taught this the minute we become a woman?"

This is what so many women I have worked with say to me.

 I created Moon Medicine because there is a massive need for it in the world. Why this knowledge isn't taught to us as early on in womanhood baffles me. It absolutely should be.

I did not understand my cycle, sex hormones, how to live in hormonal harmony each month, or how to eat in a way to balance my body, until I was in naturopathic medical school. Every woman should know this like the back of their hand, and it's so sad to me that it isn't talked about and taught more. It is profoundly life changing.


I saw the need for this program early on in my medical practice. I am thrilled to now have it available to not only my patients, but any woman anywhere, no matter the season of womanhood she is currently in.

We all deserve to be well and empowered along our Womanhood Journey. The Moon Medicine Method is such an important first step.


I couldn't be happier to share this much-needed womanhood wisdom with the world and I feel honored to help bring wellness to women everywhere!


- Dr. Leah Gordon 

Join me for Moon Medicine

Connect with yourself, balance your hormones, take back your cycle & fertility.

Yes, I can't WAIT!