Low-Tox Lifestyle


Environmental toxins in our food and products are higher than ever.


Do you ever wonder...


"Why do I feel bloated all the time?"

"Why am I in my 30's and still breaking out?"

"Why can't I lose the weight?"

"Why am I constantly getting headaches?"

"Why are my periods so painful?"

"Why are we struggling to conceive?" 

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Swapping Out Your Products


The common theme behind all of those imbalances above is TOXINS. 

The toxins in many of the foods we are eating and the products we are using are impacting our bodies in ways you might not even think are possible.

Many chronic issues people face, as well as hormonal imbalances and infertility, are worsened by exposure to environmental toxins.

Some of the highest sources of exposure come from the products we choose to purchase and bring into our homes.



Living a low-tox lifestyle requires some changes.


And...sometimes making changes to your lifestyle and products can be:


Time Consuming





Just Plain Hard!

This is why we read the labels for you and help you choose the right products for your lifestyle.


Within no time you will start to learn what to look for when purchasing a new product so you can master Low-Tox Living.



Our Low-Tox Consultation includes: 

- A 1 hour consultation
- A 6 month plan that fits your current lifestyle and budget
- Guidance on which ingredients to look out for and avoid
- Empowerment in making these lifestyle change


We look forward to helping you make the SWAP! 

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Reducing our own toxic load by choosing cleaner and safer products is key to being healthy in today's world.

We believe we should stop supporting the companies that are harming our bodies and support the ones that are making low-tox and non-toxic product that are not only good for us, but that are also good for our planet.


We can help you do the same! 

Ana's Story


Hi, my name is Ana Lamanna. Four years ago, I started seeing Dr. Leah Gordon for a miscarriage I wanted answers for. I wanted to be able to conceive full-term and bring a healthy baby into this world. This is when my passion for finding low-toxic products came to fruition.

I wanted to eat, snack, and use all the things I loved still, but with clean and simple ingredients. Now I want to help others make this new lifestyle change that can seem overwhelming but is life-changing.


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