Are you experiencing hormonal imbalance or infertility?


Do you want to break up with birth control? 


Are you dreaming of becoming a mom soon or someday?

Are you struggling with hormonal imbalance or infertility?

Do you want to break up with birth control?

Are you dreaming of becoming a mom soon or someday?

Looking for 1:1 support? 

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Hello there, I’m Dr. Leah Gordon, I’m a licensed naturopathic doctor and hormone and fertility wellness consultant and I’m so passionate about helping women like you reclaim their hormone health and have a chance at becoming a mother soon or someday.




Before starting Womanhood Wellness, I started, ran, and saw hundreds of patients in my private practice in San Diego. Throughout this time, I created my own approach to supporting women and couples along their hormone and fertility journeys, and I continue to tweak and improve that process.

Based on everything I have learned, seen, and tried with patients and myself along my own healing journey, I have come to understand an optimal way of doing things.

Working with us looks a little different than working with any other doctor or wellness coach, and I believe that is what has made all the difference in my practice and my patient's and client’s lives!



At Womanhood Wellness, we are committed to helping you succeed in your hormone, fertility, and womanhood desires.

Because of that commitment, we only take on a few clients at a time. This allows us to have the bandwidth to give what is required to truly support you.

Learn More About Applying

The first step after applying is the Womanhood Wellness Root-Cause Analysis.

This is a holistic deep dive into you as a woman (or as a couple), where we review an extensive intake form, any past labs you have done, and we ask questions you have probably never been asked by a doctor before.

How you were born, childhood traumas, your history of food poisoning, your daily lifestyle routines, dietary practices, sleep habits, past lab reports and medical procedures, your dental health, mindset, and so much more!

It’s all important when it comes to uncovering the root-cause of your issues and creating our analysis of next steps, whether those steps are with us or with another doctor or practitioner. 

After the Root-Cause Analysis consultation, you will receive a comprehensive summary of our thoughts on your case, including what the next steps as for you.

This may include additional labs or tests you may need, as well as a comprehensive and unique wellness roadmap designed specifically for you.

You can then decide to take that information along your journey, or continue down your wellness path with us in a multi-session team-based approach.

If you decide to continue working with us, depending on what state you live in, we either order, or help you order, the necessary labs needed for the next few steps.

When those are complete, we meet for a follow up to review and complete your root-cause analysis.

After this consultation, more targeted recommendations in the form of natural medicine, supplements, specific dietary support, more specific lifestyle or mindset work, or whatever else we feel is appropriate and needed will be recommended for you to continue to make steps toward your goal.

We will then continue to meet as often as it feels good, depending on the session number in your unique bundle, to help you uncover, heal, or optimize your hormone and fertility health. 

Please click below to begin the application process, which includes a $47 Introductory Call with Dr. Leah


 You will be prompted to schedule a call at your preferred time, then you will fill out an application form, and finally make payment.

We will review your application and respond within 72 hours. If you are accepted, you will meet with Dr. Leah at your chosen time. If we feel someone else would be a better fit, we will refund you your money and let you know. 


If you miss your  appointment, this fee is not refunded, nor is it able to be applied to rescheduled appointments.


We do not accept insurance as it would limit the time we spend with you and how we choose to support our clients. 

Please review what it's like working with us on this page prior to booking, so the time with the doctor can be spent focussing on your health concerns.

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The goal of the Introductory Call is to determine if we are the right fit for your individual health goals and needs, and it allows us to meet before beginning work together.

This is a time to share your symptoms, concerns, and goals with Dr. Leah or Dr. Rose and ask questions about our approach.

No medical advice is given on these phone calls.


The fee for this call is for Dr. Leah or Dr. Rose's time. This is not refundable if you decide not to work with us long-term.


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