Dr. Gordon's Protocol for a Full Body Roll Out

Mar 28, 2022

Do you have knee pain, hip back, back pain? Tight shoulders and neck? Do you suffer from tension headaches or feel tight all over? Do you feel restricted in your movements and inflexible at times?

Did you know that our body has an intricate system of tissue that surrounds all of our muscles and attaches to our bones and ligaments playing a major role in how we physically feel all day long?

This is called our fascial system and it is often tight or imbalanced. This is what results in many of the discomforts we often think are sore or tight muscles, structural issues with our knees, hips, or spine, or issues with flexibility.

There is a very simple and profound practice that can help to relax and rebalance our fascial system alleviating many of the pains and discomforts we feel. It is called self-myofascial release, or rolling out.

In this video below I share the way I do a full body roll out from my feet to my shoulders!

I encourage you to do a one week challenge where you roll out everyday and see how great you feel!

Note: Rolling out can feel tender or slightly uncomfortable at first, similarly to getting a deep tissue massage. However, it gets better the more you do it and if you stay consistent you will see the best results.

I personally roll out and stretch prior to working out, but you can do it at night after a long day or work on certain points of tension during the day, such as the traps, if you notice a mid-day headache or tension from working.

This practice has made an invaluable difference in my own life and I am excited for you to experience it for yourself!



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