Cycle Tracking App Comparison

birth control cycle tracking fertility hormone health Jan 15, 2023

This is a breakdown of some of the most popular cycle tracking, pregnancy prevention, and conception support products right now. 


Cost-effective thermometer to pair with apps: Thermometer







Best for Preventing Pregnancy + Best Overall 

Natural Cycles

Comes with thermometer 

Tracks fertile window and gives green or red status 

Geared towards contraception

FDA Approved

Have to manually enter in BBT data

Doesn’t take into account CM changes into fertility calculation


Oura with Natural Cycles

Data collected at night syncs with app to track BBT

Tracks fertile window

Need to purchase ring. 

Wear ring at night to track data. 

$10/month (+ cost of oura ring) 



Armband that measures temp


More consistent measurements. 

Good for people who forget to take oral temp. 

Good for PCOS/people with irregular sleep schedules

Syncs with phone

Have to wear armband at night consistently. 

Armband: $199

Basic App: Free



Comes with thermometer

Calculates fertility status

FDA Approved

May not be great for irregular cycles

Need to take BBT daily

Only uses BBT for fertility data 


Most Cost Effective 


Cervical position tracking

Symptom Tracking

Need to purchase thermometer 

Need to manually enter BBT

Basic version: Free

Premium: $50/year

Ovia Fertility

Fertile window predictions

Daily fertility score 

Period and symptom charts

Tracks changes in cervical fluid

Data on reproductive health, prenatal health + baby development, postpartum health + parenting

Have to manually enter in other data points (BBT, CM, OPK data)



Ava Fertility Tracker

Wearable bracelet that tracks BBT while sleeping

Syncs data to phone 

Does not work for cycles >35 days

Also tracks: sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse rate

Not great for contraception


Best for Becoming Pregnant 

Mira Fertility Tracker

Measures LH, E3G, and PdG to confirm ovulation

Syncs data to Mira app

Small + portable

Non invasive

Accepts HSA/FSAs

FDA approved 

Requires repeat ordering of test wands. 

Need to know timeline of ovulation

May not be the best choice for contraception

$199 for a starter kit


Inito Fertility Monitor

Tracks LH, FSH, E3 and PdG to confirm ovulation and fertile window. 

Works for irregular cycles/PCOS

HSA/FSA eligible

FDA approved. 

Does not sync with Android phones. 

Requires repeat ordering of test strips each cycle. 




Can toggle between Clue Conceive, Clue Birth Control or Clue Plus 

FDA approved

Have to manually enter in other data points (BBT, CM, OPK data)

Basic version: free Clue plus: $5/month 



Three modes: fertility, contraception, pregnancy 

Anonymous community 

Allows tracking of multiple data points


Have to manually enter in other data points (BBT, CM, OPK data)

May not be suitable for those with longer cycles


App may share data with third-parties

Basic version: free. Flo Premium + Pregnancy Assistant: $50/year.



Tracks all cycle data

Personalized fertility calendar 

Partner can download as well  

Have to manually enter in other data points (BBT, CM, OPK data)

Basic version: free Glow premium: $5/month 

Notable + Unique 

Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Microscope -

  • How it works: Can look at saliva and identify specific patterns that indicate a fertile window. 


  • How it works: Tracks daily cervical mucus changes to indicate fertile window and most optimal time to conceive.

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