Womanhood Wellness™ Presents


“The Top 5 Mistakes Made When Breaking Up with Birth Control™

(And What to Do Instead)”


 Free LIVE Webinar September 28th, 4 pm PST 

...in a relationship with birth control?

Are you currently together, but you are questioning if the relationship is healthy?

Did you recently stop taking it and are feeling awful after the birth control break up? 


unwanted side effects


taking a pharmaceutical


naturally balanced hormones


about preparing for a baby

Then you have to come to my webinar

The Top 5 Mistakes Made When Breaking Up with Birth Control

(And What to Do Instead)


In this brand new webinar, 

  • I will walk you through the 5 mistakes women often make when breaking up with birth control, such as stopping it cold turkey
    • This is not the best approach and it often leaves women feeling horrible and reaching for the pill again


  • You will come to understand why we need to have a more holistic and planned out strategy for stopping birth control, and recovering from it if you have already stopped


  • I will share what unfortunate consequences tend to happen when we don’t follow these important steps


  • You will discover what you need to do instead, so that you minimize unwanted symptoms like acne and painful periods, you are able to balance your hormones naturally, boost your libido, and preserve your fertility!

Hosted by me, Dr. Leah Gordon

I am a licensed naturopathic and functional medicine doctor and fertility consultant.


I specialize in Breaking Up with Birth Control™, natural preconception & fertility, natural IVF support, & root-cause hormone balancing. I am the founder of Womanhood Wellness™, the founding formulator at Needed™, and an avid speaker.

My passion behind Womanhood Wellness™ was sparked out of my own personal journey struggling with birth control issues, low libido, painful periods, and male-factor infertility.

Yay! I'm so excited to get support. 


Have you ever...


Felt overwhelmed or scared about breaking up with birth control? 


Wished you could balance your body and hormones so you minimize side effects, boost your libido, and preserve your fertility?


Wondered what NOT TO DO when navigating a birth control breakup to avoid post birth control syndrome and an unplanned pregnancy?


Wednesday, September 28th 



4 pm PST / 7 pm ET

If you are willing to invest just 60 minutes in understanding what you need to do to support yourself along your birth control journey, I believe it will drastically change the course of your life.