The Joyful Eating Hormone Reset

The food formula to cultivate a CALM gut, a CLEAR mind, and CONSISTENT energy

Because you deserve to feel vibrant and alive!


You need this Reset to...

Cultivate a Calm Gut

Create a Clear Mind

Enjoy Consistent Energy

Eat healthy and forget the food anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm


Food is powerful medicine.

The foods you eat directly impact your hormones, mood, energy, weight, gut health, fertility, vibration, and attitude.


"After completing the Reset Program, my anxiety has decreased by 90%, my skin is clear, my weight is balanced, and I feel amazing. I understand so much more about my body, how it works, and how to feed my body so that I can always feel this good!"

Chrissy P.

A simple and easy whole-food RESET is what you need to feel your best. It includes:

4 Weeks of Eating Whole Foods

With clearly laid out weekly meal plans, shopping guides, and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Life-Changing Health Tips

Receive quick and easy to understand tips on how to navigate the often overwhelming world of food so you can create sustainable practices that will help you and your hormones for the rest of time.

Doctor-Designed Guidance

Learn Dr. Leah's Joyful Eating Formula that she created after helping hundreds of women with hormonal imbalance in her private practice to help you eat joyfully.

"The Reset was truly life changing! It touches on all areas to create sustainable healthy habits including diet, mindset and movement. I especially loved the App! And the recipes are all amazing and delicious!"

Kristi K.

During the Reset You Will...

Understand Your Triggers

Often times we don't feel good because our immune system is upset by the foods we are eating. Understand which foods are in harmony specifically with you and which ones aren't at this time so you can feel vibrant and alive.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is an underlying factor in so many body and mind imbalances. Reducing inflammation helps with so many symptoms including painful periods, mood imbalances, poor gut health, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and infertility.

Eat Intuitively

Understand how to eat intuitively, paying attention to your Food Feelings, what foods are in harmony and disharmony, and how to eat from a place of Joy rather than restriction or anxiety.

So that you can...

Boost Your Energy

Obtain the energy you desire to improve your health and life, support yourself and your family, or pursue your passions. The types of foods as well as when and how you eat affects this all dramatically.

Balance Your Mood

Feelings of simply being off, feeling sluggish, foggy, unmotivated, low, or anxious can all be supported with a healthy, anti-inflammatory and whole-food diet.

Enhance Absorption

Our gastrointestinal system plays an important role in digesting and absorbing the nutrients we need to thrive. Removing the common trigger foods and nourishing your cells with nutrient-dense whole foods allows for your gut to heal.

Reduce Painful Periods

Painful periods are often rooted in inflammation and high estrogen. By reducing inflammation and improving gut health, which can bring down high estrogen, you may reduce the pain associated with Aunt Flo. 

Support Birth Control Effects

Birth control depletes many key nutrients that a whole-food diet replenishes. Birth control also increases inflammation and gut imbalances, key aspects we address in the Reset. The reasons for being on birth control outside of contraception, such as period issues, are also improved with this way of eating.

Optimize Fertility

Proper nutrition and a reduction in inflammation are essential to optimizing egg and sperm health and creating a healthy environment for conception and pregnancy, whether you conceive naturally or through IVF. 

This Sounds Great


Stay Organized

The Joyful Eating Reset helps you stay organized so you can get in and out of the grocery store quickly or easily assign the weekly shopping list for a food delivery app to assist you.

"After doing the Reset I feel the best I have ever felt. I don't feel like I have extreme lethargy like I did before, I am not as groggy. My anxiety has improved and I've lost the weight! I love how great I feel in my clothes! "


Program Details


  • Clear guidance on the Foods to Focus On and Foods to Limit or Avoid for targeted gut and energy support
  • Daily planned out meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in weekly meal calendars, specifically designed to optimize gut health, hormone balance, and optimal energy
  • Weekly shopping guides to match the weekly meal plans
  • Weekly recipe books with the recipes in order of appearance for ease and simplicity
  • The complete Womanhood Wellness™ Recipe Book with 79 pages of doctor-chosen whole-food recipes
  • An easily accessible App
  • A private support community 
  • BONUS: The Cooking Code Bonus program with over 15 Cooking Videos where Dr. Leah teaches you how to cook like her


Education and Guidance On:

  • How to eat for optimal energy and better moods 
  • Inflammation and food and how it affects you
  • Your immune system and food and how it affects you
  • How to use the Joyful Eating Formula to discover your Unique Food Code
  • Eating out healthfully
  • Reading food labels
  • Building meals 
  • Cooking like Dr. Leah 
  • Navigating gluten-free
  • Understanding sugar
  • How to eat Joyfully

"The Joyful Eating Reset helped me realize and be mindful of all of the snacking and extra calories I was putting in my mouth without even realizing it. I have upped my water intake and I feel great! And I lost the 7 pounds I was hoping to lose! I can report a few months after the Reset that I have kept it off because I am now more in balance, listening to my body more and supporting myself in a way I didn't before. This was the best money I have spent on myself in a long time!"

Linda L.

If you are ready to transform &...

Cultivate a 

CALM gut

CLEAR mind & 

CONSISTENT energy...

Join Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a whiz in the kitchen or brand new to cooking, the recipes are very easy to follow.

You will also have access to the bonus course: The Cooking Code, where Dr. Gordon shares her simple go-to ways of cooking whole foods so you won't feel overwhelmed. 

Absolutely!  This program is designed to make sure you ENJOY what you are eating and that you feel nourished while doing so.  We have created videos and recipes that are not only delicious but easy to cook as well! 

As soon as you purchase the Joyful Eating Hormone Reset, you will have instant access. You can then decide if you want to take a week to get organized and get prepped or if you want to start eating right away. Once you start, you will be following the meals and way of eating for 4 weeks.

There is no organized support since this is a DIY course. However, you always have the ability to schedule a nutritional consult with our nutritionist. 

You will have access for 120 days after purchase which gives you plenty of time for the 4 weeks of eating.

I know you could use a reset right now...

After everything you've been through these past few years, I know you can benefit tremendously from resetting your diet, daily nourishment, and hormones.

This world needs a healthier, more energized, and more vibrant YOU, now more than ever!

I can't wait for you to Reset your body and mind! 

- Dr. Leah Gordon 

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