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Moon Medicine

Learn how to honor your body and her natural rhythms so you feel optimized, vibrant, and hormonally balanced every month.

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to reconnect to yourself and your monthly cycle
  • Want to learn the fertility awareness method
  • Want to use food, lifestyle, and natural medicine to rebalance and heal your monthly cycle
  • Desire a fully laid out month-long meal plan with hormone-loving foods


During Moon Medicine, you will: 

      • Experience the connection we have as women to each other and to the natural rhythms around and within us.

      • Explore your female anatomy so you feel empowered about the Lady Parts that rule your Womanhood experiences.

      • Connect intimately with the hormonal changes that happen during each monthly cycle that control your periods, moods, fertility, & sexuality.

      • Master the Fertility Awareness Method so you can track your hormones, optimize your sex life, prevent pregnancy naturally, or conceive easily when the time is right.

      • Live the Lunar Rhythm Lifestyle…

        Syncing your work and life schedule, exercise routine, mood support, & nutrition and herbal medicine, to the 4 distinct hormonal changes each cycle.


Eat for 4-weeks in a way that:

      • Focuses on whole-foods
      • Reduces food triggers
      • Reduces inflammation
      • Fully nourishes the body, &
      • Changes with the 4 unique hormonal phases of your cycle


The Moon Medicine Program Includes: 

      • 20 key lessons over 5 phases complete with womanhood wisdom videos
      • Downloadable PDF action steps after each phase including my Modern Guide to a Red Tent Ceremony
      • A step by step guide on the Lunar Rhythm Lifestyle™
        • Emotional guidance
        • Exercise routines
        • Schedule recommendations
        • Dietary focuses
        • Other lifestyle recommendations
      • My herbal medicine and seed protocol
      • Moon Medicine Supplement Guide
      • 4-week, whole-food-based meal plan
      • Moon Medicine Recipe Book with over 140 easy recipes
      • Access for 90 days


Plus an additional gift! 

    • The Cooking Code 
      • Learn from Dr. Leah how to cook whole foods simply and learn the strategy she uses for building meals to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, and optimize your health!

        Watch as Dr. Leah cooks through some of her favorite go-to recipes!