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The Tribe Reset

 In addition to receiving all of the resources for exactly what to eat & what not to eat during the Reset,

You'll get: 

  • The Master Guide with details on Foods to Focus On and Foods to Limit or Avoid and all recipes from the meal plans
  • The Tribe Medicine App where all recipes and guides are available at your fingertips 
  • Weekly shopping guides
  • Weekly Meal Calendar
  • Daily planned out meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • The TRIBE Recipe Book 
  • 15 Cooking Videos as part of the Tribe Cooking Code
  • 10% off Dr. Gordon's favorite supplement protocols  

Education and Guidance On:

  • How to Eat for Optimal Energy and Better Moods 
  • Eating Out Healthfully
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Building Meals 
  • Simple Cooking
  • Navigating Gluten-Free
  • Understanding Sugar

A Bonus Program: The Tribe Cooking Code:

  • The Tribe Cooking Code 
    • Learn from Dr. Leah how to cook whole foods simply and learn the strategy she uses for building meals to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, and optimize your health!

      Watch as Dr. Leah cooks through some of her favorite go-to recipes!

We are so excited for you to be a part of the Tribe Transformation!