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This course is for you if you

  • Want to learn the fertility awareness method
  • Are learning your hormones
  • Want to prevent pregnancy naturally
  • Are trying to conceive
  • Are struggling with getting pregnant
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This course is for you if you

  • Have been on birth control and want to reduce your inflammation
  • Are feeling bloated, exhausted, or imbalanced
  • Feel like something is off
  • Want to improve your diet without creating food anxiety
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This course is for you if you

  • Experience vaginal odor, excessive vaginal discharge, or vaginal itching
  • Want to support your vaginal microbiome after IVF or other vaginal treatments
  • Want to rebalance your vaginal microbiome before birth or after pregnancy 
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This course is for you if you

  • Want to reconnect to yourself and your monthly cycle
  • Want to learn the fertility awareness method
  • Want to use food, lifestyle, and natural medicine to rebalance and heal your monthly cycle
  • Desire a fully laid out month-long meal plan with hormone-loving foods
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What Womanhood Wellness™ Offers


..on essential topics on hormone health & fertility, from a root-cause, holistic, & functional medicine perspective.

Our courses are a mix of masterclass format all the way up to full support, step-by-step programs. This is the knowledge all women, and men, should know.

Lab Testing

...should be more accessible because you deserve to know what is going on in your body, with your hormones, and your fertility.

We provide resources and easy access to lab testing so you can feel empowered in taking your health into your own hands. 


...for your womanhood journey, whether you desire a deep-dive 1:1 format, ongoing wellness coaching, or group programs and trainings.

Consider applying for our Root-Cause Analysis Consultation, or our hormone & fertility wellness coaching.

 Women's reproductive health is complex, AND women deserve more than the support they are currently getting...


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